Our Mission

Precision Sports and Pediatric Physical Therapy’s mission is finding the true source of your pain, correcting that dysfunction, and eliminating faulty biomechanics. We do not rely on common treatments that only temporarily decrease pain; Instead, we combine the highest quality of advanced manual techniques, individualized strength, flexibility, stability and postural exercises along with modalities, as needed. We aim to provide excellent care for everyone, infants to adults, in an honest and comprehensive manner for your entire family..

About Us

Back in 2003, Timothy Tsang and Thomas Lee, the infamous “Tim and Tom”, had a vision to create a physical therapy clinic that was different from the rest. They were frustrated with corporate-owned practices and the lack of individualized patient care, which generally did not progress patients far enough to meet nor maintain their long-term goals. They knew that they could do better. In response, Tim and Tom launched Precision Sports Physical Therapy and have turned their vision into reality, one patient at a time.

In September 2014, Precision Sports Physical Therapy expanded by acquiring the pediatric physical therapy division from Bonnie O’Connell of O'Connell, Selig & Associates Pediatric and Adult Therapies in Huntington, NY. With Bonnie’s guidance and tutelage from her 35+ years of pediatric physical therapy expertise, Tim and Tom developed the pediatric department and transformed their clinic into Precision Sports and Pediatric Physical Therapy. Since then, Precision Sports and Pediatric Physical Therapy has been successfully serving the children of our community in our state-of-the-art pediatric room, continuing to provide high quality care for the entire family.

Our 7,500+ sq ft physical therapy and sports rehabilitation center provides a welcoming, family-friendly environment of physical healing, growth, and improvement for individuals with sport-specific, developmental, work, or accident-related injuries, pre- and post-operative care, neurological impairments, back and neck pain, other aches and pains, balance deficits, or a variety of other conditions.

Experience the Precision Sports difference from day one.
At Precision Sports and Pediatric Physical Therapy, we use an eclectic treatment approach for each and every patient. This unique approach sets us apart from many other clinics and allows us to successfully intervene when other treatment attempts have failed or plateaued. Our highly experienced physical therapists evaluate the symptomatic structures, the related segments, and the quality of movement to create an individualized treatment plan. Our treatment plans consist of manual therapies of restricted tissues and joints, training in new patterns of movement, and implementation of a specific exercise program to improve strength, flexibility, and stability. Over the years, we have engineered the perfect balance of hands-on treatment with specific and progressive therapeutic exercises to make permanent changes and help you achieve your goals.